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The sales will start in a few weeks, but we give you the opportunity to take advantage of a 30% discount voucher already in these days, in fact from 24 to 28 June, by entering the coupon code "JL-30" in our online shop, you can take advantage of the 30% discount on our entire collection.

So what are you waiting for?!?!

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Spring has made its entrance and the sun accompanies us during these days,
so is it time to make the SO FARED WARDROBE change?

WE ARE WORKING ON AND FROM TODAY you can discover the new spring summer 2021 collection online,
many items are already on sale in OUR retailers, YOU CAN SEARCH the shop closer to your address with store locator on the website;
or you can CHOOSE TO browse our e-shop and view the shoes articles ready to ship directly from US, from our site in Montegranaro.

In this new proposal we have focused:
- in style: where the Italian creativity that distinguishes us cannot be missing;
- in manufacturing: with specialized processes;
- in the quality that is the basis of our footwear;
- in a renewed attention to the chosen materials and eco-sustainability.

Each season a new challenge: we live the present looking to the future, this is Jackal.

March 8 is a particularly special day of the year as it is International Women's Day.

This date, established at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the United States, serves as a reminder on the one hand of the social, economic and political achievements, on the other hand the violence and discrimination suffered by women.

Today we celebrate Women, but let's not forget to respect them all year round!!!

For this day, the Jackal Milano Staff has decided to give Our Ladies an extra 20% discount on all women's products with code "womanday-20".

Give yourself a gift that you definitely deserve.

Valentine's Day is coming and we want to thank the many who have already taken advantage of our e-shop for a quality MADE IN Marche purchase.
Continuing on our journey we look further and we inform you that the sales continue and will continue until March 16,
so take advantage of the possibility of buying online to continue surprising your partner even after Valentine's Day.

For information on sizes and if you do not find the availability of the item that has won you over;
contact us, we will be happy to accompany you during the purchase of the footwear most in line with your needs for comfort, style, quality and price.

Couple, single, friends, it doesn't matter!
Jackal Milano is for those who love themselves! <3
Choose quality, buy Jackal Milano!

Here we are in the new year with new energy and new ideas, in the meantime we start as usual with the… SALES!

From January 16 to March 16 on our online shop it will be possible to purchase the FW collection at discounted prices, and by subscribing to the newsletter you will receive an additional 10% discount, also applicable to the new initiatives that we have designed for you in the coming weeks.

Follow our FB and IG social pages, subscribe to the newsletter, browse the ecommerce, choose your Jackal Milano shoes and together let's set out in 2021. Follow us!

Christmas is coming, even in this particular year we are sure that all of us will live intensely this moment that unites us to our families and our traditions.

Let's recharge our energies, they are necessary to approach 2021 with new ideas, modern projects to be developed and renewed strength and enthusiasm.

We will be operational again from January 4th 2021, we have a new collection to present!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The new website is now online, there you can find more information about the brand, our contacts, collections and items available in the e-shop.

We have made graphic and structural improvements to ensure a better experience in our pages,
wanting to give a clear imprint to the style of the brand.

The online shop and the collections were at the center of our projects and after creating a more usable look for B2C with photos, descriptions, and faster and faster payment methods;
now we are also developing e-commerce for companies: in the special reserved area, after registering,
will be possible to discover the collections and place the order directly from the site, always with our support in case of doubts or system problems.

Who choose Jackal Milano choose quality shoes.

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