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Spring has made its entrance and the sun accompanies us during these days,
so is it time to make the SO FARED WARDROBE change?

WE ARE WORKING ON AND FROM TODAY you can discover the new spring summer 2021 collection online,
many items are already on sale in OUR retailers, YOU CAN SEARCH the shop closer to your address with store locator on the website;
or you can CHOOSE TO browse our e-shop and view the shoes articles ready to ship directly from US, from our site in Montegranaro.

In this new proposal we have focused:
- in style: where the Italian creativity that distinguishes us cannot be missing;
- in manufacturing: with specialized processes;
- in the quality that is the basis of our footwear;
- in a renewed attention to the chosen materials and eco-sustainability.

Each season a new challenge: we live the present looking to the future, this is Jackal.

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